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If you print a lot of 3D, you surely know the problem that you want to run a job, but you don’t know if there is still enough filament in the printer.

All slicer software I know adds a comment line in the gCode file with the expected length in mm. But normally I buy the filament in kilograms.

Weighing the already clamped roll is a viable way. Most of the time you have an empty roll lying around, which you can subtract from it. Then you have the effective weight of the filament that you need for the current print.

To be able to calculate that, I created the filament calculator.

In the last weeks I have reworked the filament calculator and put it online at http://tools.3deee.ch.

Now you can use the Filament Calculator to convert volume into length and weight. Of course, this can also be done in all other directions.

New is not only the conversion of volumes into lengths and vice versa. Also new is that you can upload an STL file and then the bounding box and the volume will be read automatically.

You can then have this automatically converted into lengths and weight. There is also a first version of an online STL viewer, which is still buggy.

In addition you can now, with the spool calculator, convert whole spools into weight and volume in a simpler way.

I still have a few more ideas what you could program for tools in the future, but now I keep the ball a bit flat with new announcements 😉

I hope you like it. I’m glad if you send me feedback and suggestions for improvement to info@3deee.ch or post a comment in this article.

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