The US-Printing-Nozzle

My idea for the Ultrasonic-Printing-Nozzle would work like I try to explain in the following.

Unbenanntes Bild

I would create a process chamber (2) which is designed like a wankel-engine.

On the top, there’s an inlet (1) for the pellets which come through a for example PTFE-tube to the process chamber. Maybe on the tubes there has to by a vibrator-generator to minimize jams.

I would arrange three of this chambers behind (3) which use all the same motor. So you will get a continuous flow of material at the end.

At the left side, there is the US-Source located (4) which goes in all three chambers. While the “cylinder” of the wankel engine rotates the pellets get through a special designed geometry pressed to the US-source and will melt to the liquid.

In the lower part of the engine geometry is a changeable canal system for all chambers with a single printing nozzle (5). There’s in every chamber an outlet (6) for the liquid. The liquid flows through the canal system to the single printing nozzle (8). Because of the sealed process chambers there’s always a pressure, in the channels and the material will flow to the nozzle. In the changeable canal system is also an integrated cooling (7). This cools down the printing material as much as necessary, to get clear printed and stable contours.

The changeable canal system and printing nozzle (5), (8), has to be removed if the machine cooled down once. After that, these parts can be assembled to a special cleaning station which heats up the nozzle with heat patrons from the outside and blows out the canal system with low-, or if necessary high-pressured air.

Material which is cooled down in the process chamber, will earlier or later be transferred again to the US-Source and molten again.

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