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On the ending of the last year, I reflected the 2014 and made some thoughts, how I will create the new year.


I made some notes and draw some ideas to my notebook and read old entries. While I was reading and viewing my old ideas I realized that in that notebook are a tons of probably good ideas, which I never will realize, because I’m constantly running out of time.


I have two big projects running. One is the FabLab Winti in Winterthur (Switzerland) and another one with 3d-printing and lasers 😉 And a lot of little things to develop.

And my other barrier is, that my strengths are more in the mechanical field and a lot of my ideas need also electronics and programming, which,  to be honest, I just can do by myself, if they’re very easy …


So I thought, it would maybe a good idea, to share some of my ideas with you. To inspire you, to discuss with you and probably you are amazed about one of these ideas and will develop it (maybe with me) under an open source license to a functional prototype.


The only condition to use my idea is, to publish and share your developments under an open source license. You’re not allowed to make any patent on one of my idea. If you agree with this, I would also Makerbot allow to use my ideas.


I just want to change things and make them better.


So, I am looking forward to hear what you think about my ideas.


Sincerly yours






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