Mesh Mixer Tutorial Over Christmas and New Year, one or the other of you will have time to have a look at the 3D printer. That’s why I’ve created a tutorial here that introduces you to Meshmixer and gives you an idea of how powerful Meshmixer really is. In this tutorial we will make (merge) […]

There is not only the filament calculator

I don’t just like 3D printing, programming, surreal photographs (belichtet.ch) or new technologies like Deep Learning or Machine Learning. No, I also like being in nature, watching birds, picking mushrooms or camping. And, I also like to eat Of course this can be combined with a forest fondue But, at the last fondue in the […]

How do I prepare to buy a resin printer (SLA printer or DLP printer)?

The theoretical delivery date of my Kickstarter supported resin printer (SparkMaker FHD) is approaching. I know from experience that you need a lot more equipment for a resin printer than with an FDM printer. That’s also the case if you have an SLS printer and probably one of the reasons why these technologies don’t easily […]

Food Grade 3d-Printing

Photo by Eiliv Sonas Aceron on Unsplash   Recently, Google+ in the 3D printing community raised the question of how it is possible to produce food-compatible 3D prints, as some FDA-certified 3D printing material is now available. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the first thing I would do was to use a direct […]


FILAMENT LENGTH-WEIGHT CALCULATOR FOR 3D-PRINTING If you do a lot of 3d-prints, you know the problem, that you want to run a job, but you don’t know, if you have enough filament loaded to the printer. All the slicer’s I know, add a comment line to the gCode-File, where they calculated the usage in meter […]

Laser engraving a map of your city

After founding the FabLab Winti and Crowdfunding some money, we decided to build up a LaserSaur Laser cutter. I took hundreds of hours to build it up and after few months of our free time we invested in it, finally the laser is running! And I love it!          Now, my girlfriend is moving into […]

THE LASER THING :: RepRap Laser sintering

A little bit more than 2 years ago, I started with designing a RepRap laser sintering machine. At my daily work, I’m involved in designing and building laser welding machines for another purpose, so I thought it must be possible to build a laser sintering machine for the RepRap community. I started from scratch und designed […]

About ideee@3deee

On the ending of the last year, I reflected the 2014 and made some thoughts, how I will create the new year.   I made some notes and draw some ideas to my notebook and read old entries. While I was reading and viewing my old ideas I realized that in that notebook are a […]

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