Print Jobs

You got the idea, we’ll print it in 3D.

If you have a prototype, a model or an idea that you would like to have printed out, just contact us.

We can currently print models up to 350x350mm in ABS (natural, yellow, orange, black), PLA (white, yellow, green) and PS (natural) with a layer resolution of 0.25mm using the FDD process. (Resolution up to 0.1mm is planned 😉 )

Of course we can help you to make the model suitable for printing to avoid the use of expensive support material or to convert an idea you have into a model.

Printer assembly

You want to buy a 3D printer, but are not sure if you want to build it yourself or if you can?

We assemble your printer, calibrate it for the first time and deliver it to your home!


You want a 3D printer but have no experience or you have a 3D printer and are not satisfied with the results?

You want to get a lot of tips, tricks and tricks in a short time to be able to print immediately with good results?

We offer you one day of training, during which we put the printer into operation and pass on our know-how to make a smooth start with the printer possible for you.

Feedback on the training

“Printing’s been pretty good so far. We were able to print the first floor plans successfully.
Without their workshop, the results would certainly be on a very different level.” ”

– Felix Pfeffer –
M.A. Department of Architecture


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