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Drone Map Switzerland

Those who know me know that I also like to fly drones and have even built or modified one or two myself.

Since the beginning of 2003, the European drone regulations have also applied in Switzerland. It is therefore all the more important to familiarise yourself with the rules and conditions.

For most drones, you have to register in Switzerland at at least, if not also take the A1/A3 test.

To ensure that you always have an overview of where and how you can fly, there is now a great website: The website also has an iOS app and an Android app. The app is available in the four national languages.

In addition to the official restrictions for drones, you can have many other layers displayed. These include various nature reserves, flight obstacles, NOTAM/DABS, specially generated EasyFlyZones for 30m and 150m, (so that you can quickly find a place to fly), airfields, helipads and parking spaces. In the app, you can also display live air traffic.

In addition, you can also store all the necessary documents in the app, such as the remote pilot’s licence, insurance certificate and operator number, both for private and business use. So you never have to worry about whether you have all the documents with you when you want to take a flight.

If you want to fly drones in Switzerland, there’s no getting around this app and website!

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