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There is not only the filament calculator

I don’t just like 3D printing, programming, surreal photographs ( or new technologies like Deep Learning or Machine Learning.

No, I also like being in nature, watching birds, picking mushrooms or camping.

And, I also like to eat πŸ˜‰ Of course this can be combined with a forest fondue πŸ˜‰

But, at the last fondue in the woods, the quantity calculation was pretty thorough. Although I still googled the quantity to be bought on my mobile phone in the middle of the shop. I was sure that with the site of I had found a trustworthy site, BUT it was necessary that we had to get the same amount of fondue at the gas station again, so that everyone had enough.

This gave birth to the idea for, which I realized over the last few months. On this page you can get a shopping list, which tells you the right amount of fondue or raclette cheese and also reminds you of the many possible ingredients you might have to buy.

I hope that one or the other cheese lover can profit from it.

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